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How many Americans are in the LGBTQ community?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | LGBTQ+ Law

Now that members of the LGBTQ community have the right to marry all over the United States, there has been a bit of a shift in the way that these rights are viewed, especially by the younger generations. There is a higher level of acceptance and some of the discrimination that used to plague society has receded. This is not to say things are perfect now, as they are not, but the general movement has gone in this direction.

That may be part of the reason that more and more people are identifying as part of this group. Perhaps they feel comfortable now in a way that older generations did not. One poll indicated that about 10 million Americans now identify as part of the LGBTQ community, or 4.1%. That was a rise from 3.5% in the previous poll, back in 2012.

Certain individuals do seem more likely to identify this way. For instance, women are more likely to do so than men. Additionally, as noted above, the younger generations appear more comfortable. Looking at millennials, about 5.8% selected this option in a poll in 2012, while 7.3% did so in 2016. That’s a quick rate of change and higher percentages than the general population.

Clearly, none of these numbers reflect the true percentages in the country. There are many who still do not feel comfortable openly identifying themselves as part of the LGBTQ community, despite recent social and legal changes. This rise in numbers reflects the changes in public policy and the lessening stigma as much as anything else.

The LGBTQ community has specific legal challenges and opportunities as personal rights change, which is why it’s always wise to hire an attorney who has experience in those areas when there’s a need.