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In many areas, such as in the workplace, discrimination against the LGBTQ community is illegal. All people are supposed to have the same options and get the same treatment, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In practice, however, this does not happen all the time. Many people within this community still face a tremendous amount of discrimination. It can be disheartening for them to feel like they're not making progress or getting the types of freedoms that are guaranteed to them by law.

One thing to consider may be the presence of additional factors that can make this discrimination even worse. Some studies have reported that people with multiple factors may be discriminated against much more often.


Aun hoy, muchas personas creen que un divorcio traerá resultados negativos para los chicos. Sin embargo, las consecuencias de un divorcio podrán ser negativas o positivas dependiendo de cómo se enfrente la situación a futuro, y de cómo la situación era con anterioridad. Si la relación cuando ambos padres convivían suponía constantes enfrentamientos, una separación y co-crianza de los hijos puede ser una solución mucho más beneficial y sana.

La co-crianza (enlace en inglés), crianza compartida o crianza en conjunto, es la experiencia de criar niños cuando los padres están separados o divorciados.

Estas son algunas tácticas (enlace en inglés) que podrán ayudarle a resolver conflictos de crianza con el otro progenitor:


When well-known people divorce, we sometimes hear about non-disclosure clauses being included in their divorce agreement to prevent either from speaking or writing publicly about the break-up. Some songwriters have become known for using their break-ups as creative fodder for their music.

While a person may prefer that their ex not use their divorce in their work, they (and their children) can also benefit from the money generated by it. Therefore, they may be willing to agree to forego a blanket confidentiality agreement for some control over the message.

Why divorcing couples can benefit from this

Relatively few people are married to someone with the ability to share their personal life with a worldwide audience. However, many people still have a reputation within their community or their profession that they want to protect. Others simply don't want their ex to share whatever they feel like about them on social media.


As a member of the LGTBQ community, you contribute to Chicago. You know you are welcome in your community. Yet, you may face both subtle and blatant forms of prejudice in your workplace.

After you came out, you may have known that you would experience discrimination. This knowledge may not make the pain of exclusion any less sharp.

Your sexual identity cannot be a basis for discrimination

Under Illinois law, your sexual identity cannot be a basis for denying your civil rights.


While it has been slow going, members of the LGBTQA community are steadily gaining more and more rights like everyone else. While same-sex partnership is now legal throughout the nation, some legal issues are still quite difficult for same-sex couples to navigate. One of these issues is the process of child custody during a same-sex divorce.

The state of Illinois passed the Parentage Act in 2015 following the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state. This act provides a guideline on how child custody is handled during divorce. The act also includes language that suits same-sex partnerships.

According to the Parentage Act, a person is deemed to be a child's parent when:

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