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Chicago LGBTQ+ Name Change Lawyer

Sometimes, our names no longer feel like us, or life throws us curveballs that necessitate a change. If you are considering a legal name change in Chicago, you are not alone.

NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq. offers an extensive array of family law and divorce services, channeled to meet the community’s unique needs. Our proficient team of name-change lawyers is well-prepared to address a broad spectrum of legal matters, ensuring comprehensive support for all our clients in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. We assist those seeking a name change due to divorce, gender identification changes for transgender or gender nonbinary clients, or any other situations.

Name Change Requirements

You must meet several requirements to initiate a name change in Illinois:

  • Living in Illinois
  • 18 years of age
  • Clean federal criminal record
  • Demonstrating your change is for legitimate reasons and not fraudulent
  • Clearly outlining the legal grounds for the name change
  • Updating the name change in various legal documents

For a smoother legal process, work with an experienced attorney to help ensure you understand the legal criteria.

Costs And Potential Issues

You need to be aware of potential costs and challenges that may arise:

  • Filing and administrative fees: There are costs associated with filing legal documents, and administrative fees may apply.
  • Attorney costs: Hiring an attorney for guidance through the process incurs additional costs.
  • Accessing government services: A legal name change is often significant for those who need to access government services and benefits.
  • Challenges in identity verification: Without the proper legal change, verifying identity can become a significant challenge, impacting various aspects of life.

Consulting with a skilled name change attorney in Chicago can provide insights into “How much does an attorney charge for a name change?”

Why Work With NextLevel Law, P.C.?

Our family law attorneys for name changes stand out for several reasons:

With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, our firm offers skilled legal name change attorneys who stand ready to assist you through this important journey. Use our online contact form or call 312-530-8002 for a free consultation session with our Chicago legal name change attorney for comprehensive legal support and a smooth transition.