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Whether you are going through a divorce or any other family law matter, have a real estate issue to resolve or need help with an LGBTQ law issue, you have goals that you want to achieve, a future you envision. Our mission is to get you there.

Getting You Through This

It is okay to feel overwhelmed by legal issues. The law is complex and family law matters like divorce and child custody are inherently emotional. There is a lot at stake, and you want to protect everything you care about and set the stage for a future you can be happy with. The good news is that you can get through this. We can help.

The Legal System May Be Intimidating, But Your Lawyers Should Not Be

At the Chicago law office of NextLevel Law, P.C we pride ourselves on being open and compassionate. We realize the stress you are under, and we refuse to add to it. Instead, when you come to us you will find that we are ready to listen. We want to hear about you, your family, your situation and your goals. Once we have, we will work with you to build a strategy to get you through this so you can move on to a future you will be happy with.


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Billing By The Hour Is Cancelled

We are committed to providing skilled family law services at affordable prices. We do not believe in billing by the hour. Rather, we embrace technology and efficiency, setting fixed fees specific to your legal needs. This model ensures you only pay for the legal services you need.

We believe in making a difference in our community by bringing access and justice to all individuals we serve. However, we do not allow our focus on affordability to diminish our competence in family law practice or client service. We know the law. You can trust that we always enter the courtroom with confidence, zealously representing your interests.


We strive to provide access to high quality legal representation to all members of the communities we represent, regardless of income qualifications.


We pride ourselves on the hard work required to represent our clients successfully, morally and ethically.


We respect and treat all clients equally regardless of age, sex, gender, gender identity, race, religion, social and economic status.


We ensure our clients have a clear understanding of their legal rights, alternative options and personal plan of action. We work together with our clients, encouraging their input.

Rufus V. Barner, III

Rufus V. Barner, III

Associate Attorney

Rufus V. Barner, III

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Associate Attorney

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Magaly Sandoval

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