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Family Law

For all family law cases, including adoption, child support and custody.

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We help members of the LGBTQ+ community protect their rights in any legal matter.

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Helping you protect your rights and resolve disputes when ending your marriage.

Chicago Divorce Attorney

Chicago Divorce Lawyer Serving Cook County

At the Chicago law office of NextLevel Law, P.C., we know that legal matters can be stressful. We are here to listen to your story, learn about your situation, and help to alleviate your stress, not add to it. Our law firm is built on being open and compassionate. No matter what situation you are in, we will work diligently with you to build a bridge to a brighter future.

We believe that all members of our community deserve access to high-quality legal representation, regardless of income qualifications. We treat all clients with respect regardless of age, sex, gender, gender identity, race, religion, social and economic status. We believe in integrity and hold ourselves to high moral and ethical standards. We always work to ensure our clients understand their legal rights and work together with them on a plan of action.



When a marriage is ending, you want to know that you will be well represented as you plan for the next stage of your life. Our attorneys put the needs of our clients first in divorce cases. We take the time to review every aspect of your case, understand your goals, and help you to make the right decisions for your future. Whether your case involves spousal support, property division, or child custody issues, we will work to make you feel comfortable and supported in your decisions and always help you to understand what lies ahead.

Billing By The Hour Is Cancelled

To provide high-quality representation to all members of our community, we have fixed fees for our services and will never charge you by the hour.

Child Custody

We know the importance of protecting a strong parent-child relationship. The goal of our attorneys in a child custody case is to protect the rights and wishes of both you and your child.

Child Support

The costs of raising a child continue to rise every year, which can be overwhelming for a single parent. Our lawyers are committed to ensuring you will receive the money that you need to raise your child.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

To protect individual assets, including a business or an inheritance, many couples choose to sign a prenup or postnup agreement. These can avoid future conflict and will define joint martial and individual assets.



At Next Level Law, P.C., we provide comprehensive legal services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and other members of the community. We are a 100% LGBTQ-owned law firm, and we pride ourselves on protecting the rights and futures of all members of our community. We can provide representation in cases of name changes, criminal defense, discrimination claims, estate planning, HIV/AIDS law, civil litigation, and all cases of family law, including divorce, adoption, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and surrogacy.

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

LGBTQ couples may need to address multiple unique issues to ensure that their rights will be properly protected during a marriage or divorce. We can help couples put prenuptial or postnuptial agreements in place, convert civil unions into marriages, and resolve disputes related to property division, spousal maintenance, child custody, and more.

lgbt lgbt

The Legal System May Be Intimidating, But Your Lawyers Should Not Be.

family law

Family Law

At NextLevel Law, P.C., we help clients address a variety of legal concerns that may affect their families. In addition to divorce and child custody matters, we can answer questions about issues such as paternity, fathers' rights, and more, and we can provide guidance on the best ways to resolve these matters. We strive to provide affordable legal services while ensuring that families can resolve their legal issues effectively.

Child Custody for Unmarried Parents

While issues related to children are often a significant factor in a divorce, parents who are unmarried may also need to take steps to determine how they will share custody of their children. We can help parents protect parental their rights in these situations while ensuring that they remained focused on their children's best interests.


I had a great and very comfortable experience. Our discussions related to my issues were constructive and gave me great piece of mind...”


Next Level Law

Scholarship Program


NextLevel Law, P.C. is proud to provide scholarships for promising college students who are committed to making a difference in their communities. All eligible students are encouraged to apply.

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