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Your family comes first – and attorney Daniel R. Hernandez and team will make sure that happens. We know that bringing a lawyer into your family’s private matters can be challenging. Still, our attorneys are committed to helping you through the process. The firm, NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq., is family oriented, and Daniel and his team are compassionate and will keep your case moving forward. You should not have to navigate Chicago’s family law courts and mediation without help.

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Daniel has more than one lawyer who works alongside him, so together, they can provide dedicated care and attention to your case at all times.

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A Team That Works With Families To Resolve A Variety Of Legal Matters

The firm’s comprehensive family law services include professional legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Divorce: We can help you maneuver the ups and downs of your divorce and advocate for your family’s best interests.
  • Child custody arrangements: We can facilitate the creation and negotiation of parenting time and parenting plans to promote a healthy and stable upbringing for your children.
  • Child support: Our team can help you determine how much you should pay or receive in child support and allow you to petition the court if you request to make a change.
  • Visitation: We can support you in getting the parenting time you need with your children.
  • LGBTQ+ rights: As premier family counsel for the LGBTQ+ community, our team is experienced and equipped to manage your unique family disputes and the potential challenges that can come with them.
  • Spousal maintenance: We can assist you in determining how much spousal support you’ll either need to pay or could potentially receive and petition the court if you wish to change your initial agreement.
  • Name changes: Whether changing your name after a divorce, gender change or other reason we can help guide you through the legal details to ensure your identity is protected.
  • Protective orders: Often called restraining orders, these legal protections can ensure your family remains safe.

Daniel and his team deeply understand what you are going through and will approach your case with unmatched compassion, understanding and empathy.

NextLevel Law, P.C.’s Commitment To Accessibility, Transparency And Affordability

Our legal team passionately believes that a person’s income, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, sex and other social, cultural and biological differences should not determine whether they receive quality legal representation. We are committed to helping all types of families with various issues. Daniel is a member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago and has dedicated his career to providing top representation to all residents.

He also serves as the LGBTQ committee chair for the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois and vice chair on the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity committee of the Young Lawyers Division. In addition to our focus on accessibility, our firm is also proud to offer affordable services by charging flat fees instead of charging by the hour. This can save you and your family money and make the process less stressful.

Representation Of Our Work In The News And Community

As one of the top family law firms in the city, NextLevel Law, P.C., provides advice and insight on local news channels. On several occasions, founding attorney Daniel has discussed establishing paternity, child support and fathers’ rights on the news channel Noticias Chicago. With his local recognition and prestige, you can trust Daniel and his qualified legal team with your family law matters. Some recent features include:

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