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It is no secret that getting a divorce can cost a lot, and the same is true for other types of family law cases, including those that involve child custody and child support for unmarried parents. Even if a case is simple, with minimal conflict between the parties, hiring an attorney and addressing the legal fees involved in a suit can add thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to the expenses. The costs can increase exponentially in cases involving disputed issues or complicated assets.

People who hire family law attorneys must usually pay a retainer of several thousand dollars and are charged high hourly rates for the attorney’s services. As a case proceeds, these costs continue to add up, leaving people with hefty bills. However, a more affordable and transparent way to receive high-quality legal help and representation is the subscription legal services offered at NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq.

Why Do Divorces Often Take So Long?

There can be numerous reasons why the divorce process can be a lengthy one. Court schedules, the division of multiple complex assets and contentious disagreements between spouses can all affect the timing of a divorce. The process could take six months to a couple of years.

If you’re wondering how long your divorce could take, speak with the team at NextLevel Law, P.C. today. We can give you a time estimate based on your circumstances and how much your divorce could cost. Our team will be willing to work out a payment plan that fits well with your current financial situation so that you can continue the process.

How Does NextLevel Law, P.C.’s Subscription Service Work?

Rather than charging hourly rates, NextLevel Law, P.C., offers the majority of divorce and family law services at flat monthly subscription fees. Its subscription service allows you to pay the same monthly fee without worrying about the hours spent on your case.

The starting costs may be as low as $240 per month, and you can make payments twice a month, on the first and 15th. Once your case is complete, you won’t owe any additional fees. Understanding the total costs of what you can expect to pay can help take some of the uncertainty out of your divorce or child custody case. You can also be better prepared to meet your financial needs in the future.

Potential Cost Savings With Pre-Established Monthly Charges

To better understand the savings, you can expect to achieve using the firm’s subscription service, consider the comparison below between NextLevel Law, P.C., and a traditional law firm.

Costs Of Divorce With A Traditional Law Firm

  • Average retainer: $3,750
  • Average hourly rate: $375 per hour
  • Average number of hours: 45
  • Average total cost: $16,875

For many families, this is simply an amount they can’t afford to pay.

Costs Of Divorce With NextLevel Law, P.C.’s Subscription Service

  • Average monthly subscription: $690 per month (two payments of $345)
  • The average length of a divorce case: 14 months
  • Average total cost: $9,660

Please note that these figures are based on averages and the time required. The costs involved will vary depending on the specifics of your case.

In the average case described above, the subscription pricing would save you $7,215, or 43% of average divorce costs.

With our team’s focus on keeping costs low and his dedication to helping you resolve matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, the firm’s legal team can help you pursue a desirable outcome to your divorce without breaking the bank. Attorney Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq. makes an effort to hold the values of the firm’s business to provide clients with the best legal service at reasonable prices.

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The firm’s attorneys offer consultations and can help you determine how to manage child custody, child support and other related concerns. We serve family law clients in Chicago and throughout Cook County.