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Going through a divorce can seem like an overwhelming process. Beyond the emotional toll it can take, there are countless legal and financial issues that need to be addressed. Having an attorney by your side who knows every aspect of your case, can review the needed documents, and can help you meet your goals is invaluable. The legal professionals at NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq. understand the challenges that come with a divorce and are ready to help. The team of Chicago divorce lawyers can help you make the right decisions that will set you up well after the divorce process is over.

Whether it is dealing with property division matters, spousal support negotiations, or child custody issues, the firm’s divorce lawyers have a commitment to serving their clients. As your legal advisors, they will listen to your concerns and learn what you consider your ideal outcome. The firm’s team will always communicate with you throughout the divorce process promptly, giving you the answers that you need to hear in a timely manner. The attorneys will thoroughly explain the divorce process so that you understand the steps you will be going through. They will support you and the decisions that you make.

Chicago Divorce Lawyers For All Separation Matters

Child custody – The matters surrounding child custody can be the most difficult of the divorce process. The firm’s team will help you work toward a solution that will keep the needs of the child or children involved in a divorce first.

Child support – If one spouse earns more or has significantly more assets than the other, child support payments may be negotiated or ordered during the divorce process. If you are receiving child support payments, attorneys at the firm will fight to make sure the payments are fair and adequate. If you are paying, they will make sure your payments are not onerous or unfair.

Property division – When determining the division of marital property, the court takes into account each spouse’s contribution to assets and debts, how long you were married, the value of property you own, and any marital agreements that are in place. The lawyers at NextLevel Law, P.C., will fight to make sure you get an equitable portion of the property and make sure you do not end up paying for debts that your spouse may have incurred.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements – For couples who are coming into a marriage with significant individual assets that they would like to keep separate from joint marital assets, the firm’s team can help establish a prenuptial agreement. If you and your spouse want to separate new assets during a marriage or protect one spouse’s business, they can help you to set up a postnuptial agreement. Agreements before and after a relationship can also be useful for unmarried couples or those who are in a civil union or domestic partnership.

Investments and retirement accounts – In Illinois, property is divided by equitable distribution laws, meaning assets and debts are divided by what is fair, not necessarily evenly. This can have an impact on how investments and retirement accounts are divided during a divorce.

Maintenance – When one spouse earns significantly more income than the other, spousal maintenance (formerly alimony) payments may be established in the divorce process to ensure a fair standard of living. These payments are based on factors including the length of the marriage, the established standard of living, and the receiving spouse’s ability to earn a living.

Post-divorce enforcement and modifications – If you or your spouse suffered a significant change in income or standard of living, the changes can be reflected in spousal support and child support through a modification. Lawyers at NextLevel Law, P.C., can also help enforce your divorce agreement with your former spouse if they are withholding the support that was established.

Protective Orders – If you or someone in your family feels threatened, NextLevel Law, P.C. can help you file a restraining order to protect your loved ones.

Uncontested Versus Contested Divorces

In Illinois, there are two types of divorce, contested and uncontested. If a divorce is contested, there is a disagreement between the spouses about the terms of the divorce. This can include child custody, maintenance, and/or property division. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses agree on these matters and no further litigation is required. An uncontested divorce process is shorter and can save you money.

NextLevel Law, P.C., can help you find the right solution for your situation. The firm’s attorneys can work with you to try to find a resolution, but they are prepared to fight for what is best for you and your family. You should not just settle to get things over with quickly.

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At NextLevel Law, P.C. by Daniel R. Hernandez, Esq., the firm’s divorce lawyers are ready to help you through the challenges that a divorce can bring. The firm offers flat fees and does not bill by the hour. You will always know how much you will be paying. To schedule your consultation, contact the team online or call the Chicago office at 312-442-2225. The firm’s divorce attorneys speak English and Spanish and represent clients in Chicago and Cook County.