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Child Custody Representation For Parents In Chicago And Cook County

One of the most challenging aspects of any divorce case is determining child custody and parenting time matters. Ideally, each parent would maintain a full relationship with their children and continue to be involved in their upbringing.

However, there’s no guarantee for parenting time or custody in a divorce. Suppose that you and your ex cannot reach an agreement, or the court disagrees with your proposed arrangement. In either of those cases, you will need a diligent lawyer from NextLevel Law, P.C. to fight for your children’s best interests. At NextLevel Law, P.C., our legal team can quickly learn the specifics of your case and advocate for you and your children’s needs and preferences.

Helping You Determine Parental Responsibilities

When deciding on child custody cases, the court must determine which parent or parents are responsible for making decisions about the child’s upbringing. This allocation of parental responsibility can be shared by the parents or allocated solely to one parent. You and your ex can attempt to create your plan, which the court will approve, but if you can’t reach a decision, then it will be up to the judge to determine the allocation of parental responsibility.

The Decisions Divorced Parents Often Make For Their Children

There are four areas regarding your children’s upbringing that you and your spouse have the right to make decisions in. These are as follows:

  • Health care: This includes decisions about your children’s medical and dental care as well as any mental health treatment they may need. This area also involves determining their providers and where and when they should receive medical care.
  • Education: This includes decisions about what school your kids will attend as well as tutoring and other learning resources.
  • Extracurricular activities: This includes your children’s involvement in clubs, sports, hobbies, lessons and more.
  • Religion: This involves determining where your children will worship and whether they will participate in religious education or other religious activities.

Making these decisions while parenting separately can be challenging. For additional assistance, call 312-530-8002. Our attorneys will be more than happy to help you.

How Illinois Family Law Courts Determine Kids’ Best Interests

When allocating the decision-making responsibility between parents, a court typically bases its decision on what is best for the children, including their needs and wishes. These can include:

  • Your children’s current home and school situations
  • How involved you and your spouse are in their lives
  • The wishes of your children, if they are old enough to understand what’s happening and to communicate their desires
  • The relationship between you and your ex and your willingness to maintain a positive environment for your children
  • Any issues of physical or mental health concerning you, your children or your ex-spouse
  • Whether either parent has a history of violence or other dangerous behavior, including domestic abuse or sexual abuse

To make a final decision on what’s in your children’s best interests, courts will also review comprehensive evidence and testimony from others who regularly interact with your children.

The final agreement can also establish how you and your ex will share parenting time. This can include a specific schedule of days or weeks when the children will spend time with each of you.

Parenting Effectively Is Still Possible After Divorce

The attorneys at NextLevel Law, P.C., can work with you to seek agreements that benefit you and your children. They will strive to foster a healthy environment that will allow you and your ex to maintain a strong and loving relationship with your children. If the circumstances of you, your ex or your children change, our team can also work with you to modify the terms of your custody agreement.

Daniel and his team are also knowledgeable about the issues facing LGBTQ+ families and single parents in child custody cases. They skillfully represent clients in same-sex marriages throughout the divorce process as well.

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