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Communication is the key to co-parenting success

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Child Custody

Your marriage may have gotten to the point where you and your spouse could no longer see eye to eye. Disagreements and tension in the household may have reached levels that you both could no longer cope with. This is what motivated you to pursue a divorce.

Despite the conflicts they may have had in the marriage, one thing that parents generally have in common is their child’s best interests. They want their children to thrive, despite the marital situation. This is possible, but it requires effort from both parties and effective communication techniques. Outlined below are some tips that could help ensure that communication between co-parents runs as smoothly as possible after the separation.

Timing is crucial

Even the most successful co-parenting relationships will run into obstacles occasionally. The trick is to try to resolve disputes with minimal levels of conflict. If sensitive matters have to be discussed, then it is best to hold them out of the earshot of the children. Children tend not to take conflict or tense atmospheres very well, and they may blame themselves if they witness a fight between their parents.

Hear your ex out

Communication is a two-way street, and frustrations commonly arise because one party feels ignored. Your co-parent must respect your legal rights and concerns about the welfare of the child, and the same can be said for you. When both parents feel valued, respected, and involved in the child’s upbringing, conflict can be avoided.

Communication between you and your co-parent is fundamental to making life after divorce a success for your child. Both parents have a right to be actively involved in major decisions. If you feel like your custody rights have been disregarded in any way, be sure to explore your legal options.