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How To Get Joint Custody of Your Child in Chicago, Illinois

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2023 | Child Custody

Working out child custody arrangements can be a sensitive matter for divorcing parents in Illinois. How parents decide who will have custody of their children and how much parenting time they will share is one of the most difficult parts of any divorce case. At Next Level Law, we understand the significance of joint custody in ensuring a child’s well-being. We are here to help find solutions to these hard problems.

What is the Right Balance for Parents Sharing Parenting Time?

Illinois courts commonly favor parenting plans that have shared parenting time (visitation) and parental responsibilities (custody) arrangements, enabling both parents to stay actively involved in their children’s lives.

It is ideal for parents to collaborate and reach an agreement that best suits their children’s interests. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible, especially when parental alienation becomes a concern. In such cases, Illinois courts can step in, outlining the powers, rights, and responsibilities of each parent regarding the child’s care. The agreement or order must specify details about major decisions like education, healthcare, and religious upbringing. Additionally, it should address when each child will spend time with each parent, how children will be moved back and forth between parents, and what parents should do if they disagree about something. The clearer a parenting plan is, the less chance there is for future conflict.

Should Parenting Time Always Be Equal?

While shared parental responsibilities does not necessarily imply equal parenting time, it can be highly beneficial for children to maximize the time they spend with both parents. However, the child’s best interests should be the most important consideration in setting up a custody arrangement.

When Can One Parent Get Full Custody in Illinois?

Though courts often lean towards shared decision-making authority, there are situations in which one parent may be granted full parental responsibilities. Cases in which one parent is granted full parental responsibility are generally those involving a parent who has a history of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, or imprisonment.

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