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What is a Parenting Plan, and What Does it Need to Include in Illinois?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Child Custody

When parents of minor children get divorced in Illinois, they need to submit something called a “parenting plan” to a judge for approval. In the best-case scenario, parents will have already created a parenting plan together and can simply submit it to the court as part of an uncontested divorce. When this is not possible, however, parents can still work together using the help of a mediator or collaborative divorce team to negotiate a parenting plan. If absolutely necessary, a judge can intervene and make custody decisions on behalf of a couple who cannot negotiate the terms of their parenting plan themselves. However you eventually get to your final parenting plan, it is important to understand what it is and what it needs to address.

What is a Parenting Plan?

Parenting plans, otherwise known as child custody agreements, are legally binding agreements that detail exactly how a divorced couple will manage their underage children. Once a parenting plan has been approved by a judge and entered as part of a divorce decree or divorce order modification, parents must follow the parenting plan or face legal consequences.

A parenting plan will address the two major parts of child custody in Illinois: The allocation of parental responsibilities, which is the right to make important decisions on behalf of a child, and parenting time, which is the right to spend time with a child.

What Does a Parenting Plan Need to Include?

Parenting plans are highly detailed documents and need to address a number of important issues. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Parenting time schedules during the school year and holidays

  • How children will be transferred between parents’ homes

  • Which parent will make decisions regarding education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and a religious upbringing

  • The right of first refusal

  • The rules each parent must follow regarding relocating with a child

  • Whether parents agree to seek mediation when modifying a parenting plan

  • How parents will communicate about issues regarding the children

This may seem like a lot of things to consider, but your divorce attorney will help you develop a parenting plan step by step so you and your children have a smart, structured plan to rely on.

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